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Phoenix Arizona Karaoke Contest - Karaoke Bar Participation Information

Arizona Summer Heat 2011
Karaoke Contest 2011
Information for Venues

Qualify Starting June12th 2011 - August 20th, 2011
Club Finals for qualified contestants - August 21st - Sept. 3rd
Arizona Championship Sept 6th,7th or 8th 2011
Exact date and location TBD

List of Participating Venues:

The only thing hotter than the talent in Arizona
is the temperature outside.

The best thing to cure that heat is some

cold hard cash!!

See 2010 Arizona Karaoke Alliance Summer Heat 2010 Karaoke Contest Results
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Arizona Karaoke Contest Summary   Arizona Karaoke Bars and Venues Participate

Arizona Karaoke Bars and Arizona Karaoke Venues

You really need to participate in the contest.  We have organized contests for over
15 years and we think we have it down pretty well! 
Use your current karaoke hosting company, we just help with the contest! 
If you would like to participate but do not have Karaoke currently
call us at 480-830-1308 and we will go over available programs with you!

Click here to put your  bar into our Arizona Karaoke Contest!


Why participate.  Well let's go over how we try to help your establishment!

Problems faced by a Karaoke venue:

1. Awareness - how do people know you have Karaoke -
We represent the top internet presences in Arizona Karaoke. 
Recent studies show 82% of shoppers now go to the internet
to find things to purchase and places to go!

We will be using video releases weekly for this entire contest period to make
the public aware of you!  Add in FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and Blog entries
done weekly.  We will make a guarantee that this contest will dominate listings
on Google for Phoenix Karaoke Contest and Arizona Karaoke contest or you
will receive  a refund of a portion of your fees.!!
**detailed on contest agreement.

2. Costs of promotions too high with little return on investment!
We have seen recent contests with fees over $1000 and requirements
for additional costly advertisements.  We understand times are tough and
we are here to help you with that.  This contest fee will be fair and can
be spread out over 3 payments or discounted if paid in advance! 
During your  club final, patrons are encouraged to bring all friends to help vote
for them.   This means if you have 20 finalists and they all bring in on average
5 friends, we will be putting 100 friends, plus 20 contestants in your establishment. 
Set a minimum tab per person and staff properly and you should make back
way more than your entire contest fee in one night - and we are covering your
$100 Winner prize directly out of your fee!  Use a promotion, like a
future visit discount coupon for every person voting for a winner and you
will bring many of those guests back to your establishment in the future!

3.  Butts in the Seats!  We know that Arizona bars and restaurants
struggle in the summer to keep people coming in as temperatures rise and winter visitors leave the
valley.  We are doing this to give you a means to get patrons to come out to your establishment. 
We recommend doing this on your slower karaoke night that is not normally busy so that we
can help with returns on that slower night.  We will provide you with 4 posters for your bar
to hang around to let people know you are having the contest.

4. Staying in touch with patrons - Each person voting will be required to provide
an email address or a phone number in order to cast their vote (this keeps people
from stuffing the ballot box).  We will share all of those addresses with you
for your email list for specials and events in the future.  If you do not have such
a list, talk to us about how to get one started!

5. Internet presence - Do not have a website or have a website that is not
performing well?  Sign up for the 3 monthly installments and we will list
your club or website on 8 different high traffic sites for the 3 months of the
contest and for 3 months afterwards. (6 months from date of 1st payment)

6. Additional bonus video at no charge - Want to create excitement in your Karaoke crowd?
If you join this contest and provide us at least 15-to 40 quality photos form  your
establishment, Ww will creat a video for you and post it to YouTube and provide you with the embedding
to put it up on your website.  You will get your own page off of the contest page on and the video will also appear on that page and
be linked to the main listing page.  You take pictures (min 800 x600 pixels).
Minimum of 15 pictures, max of 40 pictures.  We can take photos, but will charge an additional

We all know that the economy has been struggling in Arizona.  We have seen it making
some recovery recently, but as we head into summer we are concerned that you could
see that start to slow down again.  So we are giving your patrons of your establishment:

5 ways to win CASH & PRIZES!
1. Championship Winner gets $600 in CASH plus a Karaoke CDG set (TBD)
2. 2nd place - $250 in cash plus a Karaoke CDG set (TBD)
3. 3rd place - $100 in cash plus a Karaoke CDG set (TBD)
4. Each Club Winner gets $100 in cash

Big Mama Recording Studios in Nashville Tennessee and a Karaoke CDG set (TBD)
**Additional prize - One voting audience member from club or State
 Final will be drawn at final for opportunity to win $100 in cash

We think this will bring them into your venue and win you some new regular patrons
who will come back time and time again as long as you take care of them!

OK, we made you read for a long time!  You are at the bottom of the page, so
here is the bottom line. 

Cost of this program is $450.  You can split it into 3
installments of $150 of if you pay the entire amount up front you can save $50.

Program is 13 weeks of advertising.  At $450 that is $34 per week. 
If you include the 26 weeks (6 months of advertising)
that is about $17 per week. 

Join in contest 
   Call us or email to get a Sample Agreement for this contest! presents
Arizona Summer Heat 2011 Karaoke Contest

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