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Summer Heat Contest - 2011:
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We are sponsoring this contest to assist bars and clubs in bringing in patrons over the slower summer season.  Week to week this will not bring in substantially larger crowds unless the bar works internally to promote the contest and staff it, however if run properly the “Club Championship Round" should recoup more than the entire contest cost in one night.  Remember all of your qualified singers are instructed to bring in every one they know to support them and audience vote will count as one judge vote and will be used to break any ties, so this is crucial to the singer’s success.  Proper staffing, strategic pricing, and promotion of specials / promos at your location and a cover charge or minimum purchase requirement will help you to insure you make the most of the night.  We recommend $3 cover or a $5 per person minimum at your “Club Championship Round".  Since we are keeping this at the lowest affordable level for you, we must impose some terms for participation in the program.


Payments for Competition are divided into 3 payments of $150.  Preferred payments are via PayPal.

This $450 gets you into a contest that is listed multiple times on the first page of Google under

1.      AZ Karaoke Contest

2.      Arizona Karaoke Contest

3.      Phoenix Karaoke Contest


It ranks for many other terms as well and we will work to maintain and improve upon this!


Each club receives:

1.      Listing on until completion of contest

2.      Listing on the contest club participants page at

3.      Individual page for your club on the site to list specials, etc. - You need to send us what you want added.

4.      Higher Priority listing on network.  Each site on the network gives you listing, individual page, with room for description, map to club, nights and times of show, etc.

5.      Sign templates that can be printed and hung

6.      Scoring sheet templates for your judges to use during final (THEY MUST BE USED FOR THE “Club Championship Round".)    and of course they can also be used week to week.  Tabulation sheets for combining judge scores will also be provided.

7.      Sign up forms for contestant getting you all of their contact info.

8.      Voting ballot forms for your “Club Championship Round" for the audience.  Audience members must provide an email address or phone number on each ballot to make it harder to stuff ballot.  They will all be added to mailing list and you will receive a copy of all email addresses collected at your show. 


Entry process at bottom of page 


$100 of the last payment is actually to be used as the cash prize for the winner of paying club’s “Club Championship Round", so we are actually only collecting $350 for inclusion of the contest and $100 to be used as your club championship prize.


By making payment via PayPal Payment link or via check or cash is acknowledgment that all terms and conditions have been read and are agreed to.


Payments are not refundable for any reason, other than AZKaraokeAlliance failing to complete entire contest cycle including State Championship to be held in early September.


Clubs are responsible for printing supplied signage and displaying prominently at their locations in order to make contest more successful at location. 
AZKaraokeAlliance will provide letter size (8 1/2 x 11) templates and ledger size (11 x 17) templates for sign printing.  Signs should be printed in color. 


If club can not print signs you have an option of paying $30 via PayPal and we will print 5 Ledger size or 10 Letter size signs in color and deliver them to your location.


On site advertising and addition of page for club will be completed within 7 calendar days of making 1st payment.  PayPal payments are recurring and will repeat 30 and 60 days later to complete all payments.  We will notify club if payments fail and they will have 5 days to correct or all show listings and all promotions will be removed after that period of time with no refunds of past payments. 

All non PayPal payments are due at PO Box of AZ Karaoke Alliance - AZ Karaoke Alliance 3638 E Southern Ave #C105-165, Mesa, AZ 85206 within 7 days of due date or club will be dropped from participants and forfeit all prior payments.  If club desires to be reinstated they must pay a late fee of $25 plus missed payment and return to original payment schedule.


All contestant sheets and emails collected must be sent to our offices no later than 2 days after each weekly round.  They can be faxed to 480-452-1973 if this makes this easier for you.  You can also scan them and email them to each week.


All photos, emails and contact info taken during every round of this contest will be the property of a division of US Karaoke Alliance, LLC.  All items received will be used for promotional purposes.  All contestant participation sheets also list this term to cover the establishment and US Karaoke Alliance’s interests. 


“Club Championship Round" - We recommend stepping things up for this event. 

1. Staffing - Have extra bar staff and extra servers on hand, at least at beginning of night to make sure you can sell as much food and beverages as possible. 

2. We will provide one judge for every location, who will also be taking photos and video to submit on our various internet pages, as well as coordinating collection of ballots, tabulating score sheets and supervising judges.  We can provide you with other judges but we must be made aware that you need extra judges at least 7 days prior to your club final.  - Every judge we provide is to be given a certificate for a meal of their choice from your menu ($15 limit) and a free refillable drink.  We want them to be able to choose a meal and have water, coke, coffee, soft drinks, etc all evening with out having to pay out of pocket.  If they choose to buy any alcoholic beverages, that is their choice, but not covered and they must pay for those.  If we only provide the one judge you will need to provide at least 2 more judges.  We recommend that you give each of your judges the same program, but that is up to you.  Judges are responsible for any costs outside the meal and non-alcoholic beverages.


3. Offer some enticing specials to get people going, but make sure you are making a profit on them.  Do not offer a loss leader as they are already coming in to your location, however something that gets them interested in partying and having a good time is a huge benefit for you.  We recommend offering a mixed special, like a large mug beer or pitcher with an appetizer for $9.99.  Totally up to you, but once again, we want you to make money and be able to provide enough servers that everyone gets served smoothly. 


4. Plan on a long night... Once again, we want you to make money on this evening.  It will be at normal Karaoke time and we will run the contest in 2 rounds and try to keep as much synergy as we can.  We hope to announce the winner no sooner than 30 minutes prior to closing time. Make sure you and your staff understands that this is designed to keep patrons in your location and give you opportunities to not only make some money, but to impress patrons who have never been there with your products and services, so that they might come back.


5. The judge we provide for your final will get all of your sign up forms, ballots, etc collected and get all the data back to us, so you do not need to worry with any of that after your final is over.  We will post the winner, and photos within 3 days of your final and all attendees will receive links and announcements after each club final. 

Join in our show - Click button to pay $150 deposit and 2 additional payments of $150 for participation in contest!
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$450 - 3 monthly payments
$150 each

Optional - We will provide you with Contest signs that you need to print out.  If you can not print your own signs this option is for you.. Choose this and we will print your signs and deliver them to your location! 1 time fee
per delivery -$30

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