Arizona Karaoke Contest

Phoenix Arizona Karaoke Contest at Arizona Karaoke Bars

Arizona Summer Heat 2011
Karaoke Contest 2011
Qualify Starting June12th 2011 - August 20th, 2011
Club Finals for qualified contestants - August 21st - Sept. 3rd
Arizona Championship Sept 6th,7th or 8th 2011
Exact date and location TBD

List of Participating Venues

The only thing hotter than the talent in Arizona
is the temperature outside.

The best thing to cure that heat is some

cold hard cash!!

Arizona Summer Heat Karaoke Contest:
Venues - Click Here for info to participate!

Weeks 1 -10 - Contest will run qualifying in participating bars! (June 12th - August 20th) 
(2 contestants can advance per week) KJ or anonymous judge to select 2 people each week.

11th and 12th week will be club finals (spread out over 2 weeks)
(August 21st- Sept 3rd)
 **Every Club champion will win $100 in cash!**

(3 judges at each club final, but audience tally also gets a vote and will be used to break any ties,
so bring all of your friends out with you for the final!)
Scoring at Club Finals and Championship will be:
 1-10 points ( vocal performance and accuracy on song)
1-10 points (overall performance quality and energy)
1-10 points (Audience reaction / participation / involvement)
Audience vote is simple tally of votes from audience -
Once again bring all your friends out with you!

13th week will be the hottest "AZ Summer Heat Karaoke Championship"
(AZ State Championship - Tentative date Sept 7, 2011)

5 ways to win CASH and PRIZES!
1. Championship Winner gets $600 in CASH plus recording session at
Big Mama Recording Studios in Nashville Tennessee and a Karaoke CDG set (TBD)
2. 2nd place - $250 in cash plus a Karaoke CDG set (TBD)
3. 3rd place - $100 in cash plus a Karaoke CDG set (TBD)
4. Each Club Winner gets $100 in cash
Big Mama Recording Studios in Nashville Tennessee and a Karaoke CDG set (TBD)
**Additional prize - One voting audience member from club or State Final will be
drawn at final for opportunity to win $100 in cash

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